Kotobuki Original DesignTheater and hall seat designs attributed to the 100 years of customer feedback

Original DesignTheater and hall seat designs attributed to the 100 years of customer feedback

Kotobuki Seating has developed its theater seats based on the feedback from our users and administrators of the facilities that we serve,
and our tireless research in improving seating comfort.
We design seats to suit requirements of diverse spaces such as music halls, theaters, and so on.

For music halls

画像 TS-154211L


A design born of natural wood to deliver you soothing acoustics

The design reduces the impact of acoustic absorption regardless of whether the seats are vacant or occupied.
This seat is perfect for music halls where adequate reverberation time is required.

画像 TS-114241


A modern theater seats that blends in with contemporary interiors

The wood used extensively in the seats bounces sound back and forth with a perfect reverberation time, making the seats ideal for concert halls and music halls.

画像 TS-194281L

TS-19 Series

Notches in the seat legs make passing through aisles very easy
Universal design leaves more room for passage between rows

This is a standard theater and hall seat with uniquely designed legs that make passage easy.

For theater halls

画像 TS-164312L


Snuggle into comfortable cushions and enjoy the stage sounds

This seat was designed for theaters performing straight plays and other theater forms. Padding on the back and upholstery on the leg panels together reduce sound reverberation, making it easier to hear dialogues.

Designed for conference rooms and training rooms

画像 TS-175321


Generously cushioned modern design
As per the hall requirement, you can select it with/without an elbow memo pad

This upholstered seat is perfect for meeting rooms and convention halls, because it reduces sound reverberation.

THEATRE+ (Theatre More) air conditioning seat

画像 TS-424251

MyAir T4

Utilizes the Occupied Zone AC concept

This seat was designed to reduce the start-up time and running costs of air conditioning systems particularly in large theaters.

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