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Customized Design
Joint Work Design

Kotobuki Seating has been collaborating with architects and designers in Japan and abroad to deliver custom-designed products for theaters.
Our designing team specializing in theater and hall seats and the production sites within the Kotobuki Group together can offer you optimal proposals.
In cooperation with FABRIKO, a brand specializing in upholstery fabrics, we help to create halls that appeal local communities.

image main hall

Main Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto

A new hall inheriting Kyoto's legacy as a city of culture and arts

The design on the upholstery of the seats is based on a drawing 'Susukihara (grain field in twilight)' by the artist Kohyama. The painting was inspired by 'awns' that are a motif often seen in the 'Rinpa' style of paintings that originated in Kyoto. We traced the design and created a fabric with a golden parabola on scarlet.

Client: Kyoto City
Basic Design, Execution Design Supervision, Site Supervision: KOHYAMA ATELIER

image main hall

Main Hall, Tsuruoka Art Culture Terrace

Bright and gorgeous main hall showcasing images of soaring white cranes

The seats are upholstered in shiny, light salmon pink. The soaring white cranes woven throughout the upholstery, coupled with white wood used in the hall floor, create a bright and gorgeous impression that seems to bring a celebratory mood to the entire space.

Client: Tsuruoka City
Design: SANAA + Shinho Architects Co., Ltd. + Ishikawa Design Office

image hall

Hall, Akiha Ward Cultural Center

With 'Cultural Satoyama' as the concept, the entire space expresses the nature of the Niitsu Hills

The upholstery is a multi-colored jacquard weave, and shimmers depending on the angle of view and the light. The textile designers created the theme of 'Satoyama' based on an image photograph of autumn leaves given to them by our designing team. In this hall, the sunlight shines through the autumn leaves, creating a magical seating space that appears as if the leaves of the trees were shimmering like stained glass.

Client: Niigata City
Design: Chiaki Arai Urban & Architecture Design

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