Design DocumentsPoints to consider when planning for a theater layout

The seating in theaters, halls, movie theaters, and other entertainment facilities are subject to local ordinances and fire safety regulations.
Layout of a facility needs to be planned based on its intended use and it should be in conformance to the relevant standards.
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Point 1 Retractable mobile seats with collapsible backs

The front three rows installed on the flat floor area can have retractable mobile seats with collapsible backs such that they can be stored under the stage.
The forward collapsible backs make seats compact, which can then be moved freely on the one-touch casters.

How to move
imageWhen moving
imageWhen installed

Point 2 Line of sight

It is necessary to maintain a clear line of sight for enjoying the show. We check if the line-of-sight is good by referring to the cross-sectional drawing of the hall.
A staggered arrangement can be a good choice for the seats that need to be installed in the area with compromised visibility.



Point 3 Space for wheelchairs

The space is designed for comfortable viewing even from a wheelchair. Seats are portable and can be easily removed if needed. Sufficient space has also been secured. Close to the entrance or exit would be a perfect location, where the visibility is as good as the other seats. Easy evacuation in case of an emergency is also a vital point to consider.


Point 4 Seats with collapsible backs

Installed on the rear side of the central block so that setting up the operation console or other equipment can be done easily.
The space can be used as a seating area when the console is not required, with the backs of the seats put upright.

How to fold the back?
imageLift the back upward
imageFold it forward

When using the console (before setting up the audio equipment)

Point 5 Storage space under the stage

This is the place to store the front-row retractable portable seats with collapsible backs (mentioned in Point 1) when the stage space needs to be expanded or the orchestra pit needs to be used.


Point 6 Auditorium guide lights (LED)

The seating guide lights installed in the aisles of the hall are usually on the mains power supply. In the event of a power failure (outage), the power supply automatically switches to the emergency power supply illuminating the passage without interruption.
The guide lights have been installed not only considering the safety, but also the line of sight from the stage.


Point 7 Family seats

These seats are separated from the general seating area. Visitors with infants or children can thus enjoy the show without any burden. The space is large enough for parents and children to sit together, and for a sleepy child to sleep in.


Child Cushion
Children seats come with extra cushions such that they can enjoy the show without any obstruction.


Seating related regulations

The placement of adjacent seats in theaters, halls, and assembly halls is regulated by the Building Safety Ordinance and the Fire Prevention Ordinance. Although the ordinances may vary slightly by prefecture, the following are the extracts from the ordinance issued by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

  1. (1) 420mm or more space should be left for each person.
  2. (2) The distance between the backs of two seats in two consecutive rows shall be 800mm or more. However, the rearmost part of the front seat and the foremost part of the rear seat shall have a horizontal projection distance of 350mm or more (3).
  3. (3) If the seating capacity exceeds 8 persons, the aisles in the audience section shall be widened at a rate of 10mm per seat from the horizontally projected distance of 350mm between the rearmost part of the front seat and the rearmost part of the rear seat. However, if the seating capacity exceeds 20 persons, it shall be 20 persons. (In the case of a single-sided aisle, the seating section aisle shall be calculated as twice the number of persons seated.)
  4. (4) Width of vertical passageways shall be 800mm or more (600mm or more for single-sided passageways) and shall be wide enough to accommodate the number of people expected to pass through the evacuation route. (Number of persons x 6mm)
  5. (5) Width of the transverse aisle shall be 1000mm or more and shall be secured in proportion to the number of people expected to pass through the evacuation route. (Number of persons x 6mm)

For automatic retractable seat

Images of the auditorium1

Dimension from the rearmost part of the front seat to the endpoint of the armrest of the rear seat

For fixed or manually retractable seats

Images of the auditorium2

Dimension from the rearmost part of the front seat to the endpoint of the rear seat

Images of the auditorium3

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