Wide variety of theater seats

Theater and hall seats that can be widely used in diverse places such as music halls, theaters, conference rooms, and training facilities.
Kotobuki Seating presents a wide variety of seating suitable diverse spaces.
We have a legacy of delivering customized designs that gel well with the typical local ambience.
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Kotobuki Original Design

Introducing Kotobuki's original designs of theater and hall seating, all attributed to the 100 years of customer feedback.

  • image TS-154211L
  • image TS-164312L
  • image TS-175321
  • image TS-424251

Customized Design Joint Work Design

We collaborate with architects and designers from Japan and abroad to deliver customized products that blend well with the architecture.

  • image Main Hall, ROHM Theatre Kyoto
  • image Main Hall, Tsuruoka Art Culture Terrace
  • image Hall, Akiha Ward Cultural Center

European Elegance Quinette Gallay

Introducing 'Quinette Gallay', a French manufacturer specializing in theater seats, who has also designed seats for the Opera House and other famous theaters in Europe.

  • image Star Theatre Reykjavik
  • image WOOD 2 BR

We can consult about products. At first feel free to contact us.