More accessible seats

Places such as theaters and halls are public spaces; their aisles and seats should be comfortable,
safe, and secure for all types of visitors, including children, the elderly, and those on wheelchairs.
Kotobuki Seating develop products with universal designs to suit a wide range of customers.
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Space for wheelchair users

  • image Seats with foldable armrests 1
    Rotating type
  • image Seats with foldable armrests 2
    Flip-up type

Seats with foldable armrests

Seats that are accessible even to the visitors on wheelchairs. There is a rotating type that opens one armrest outward and a flip-up type.

  • image Swivel seat with electric lift 1
  • image Swivel seat with electric lift 2

Swivel seat with electric lift

Seats can be slid, raised, lowered, and rotated electrically so that visitors on wheelchairs can easily reach their seats without worrying about steps.
*Registered patent

  • image Handles 1
  • image Handles 2


The handle affixed to the back of the seat provides support and helps in preventing tripping in facilities where handrails cannot be installed.
We also assist in suggesting shapes and materials that suit the steps, layout, or seats of the facility.

'Spacia' - Makes standing your seat hassle-free

"Spacia" is the nickname for an easily accessible seat that has a triangular shape when viewed from the side. The part that touches the back of the knee when seated is thin, making it easier to pull your leg out. It also provides more space for you to pull your leg in. The cushion has the exact same structure as the seat of a conventional seat, so there is no need to worry about sitting comfort.
In the case of conventional seats, people often put their hands on the armrests of the seat to balance their body when standing up, but with Spacia, you can pull your legs tight and stand up easily without using your hands, even while carrying your luggage or a coat.
*Registered design

  • image Conventional chair seat

    Conventional chair seat

  • image chair seat with easy accessibility

    Spacia - chair seat with easy accessibility

Stain Protection『Rakurutto Seat』

Resistant to moisture and stains and easy to clean, this seat makes dealing with unforeseen accidents hassle free. Can be cleaned and replaced easily by anyone.

The inside of the cover is fitted with a waterproof fabric that does not allow water to pass through. Therefore, the entire cover can be replaced for smooth restoration. 

The hook and loop fastening cover means quick and easy removal and replacement without the need for tools.

The removed covers can be washed and reused, for a clean and comfortable seat.

*Rakurutto Seat is a registered trademark of Kotobuki Seating.

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